Who are Direct Bathroom Solutions?

Founded by Jarrod Farlow in 2015, Direct Bathroom Solutions is your solution to imported luxury bathroom items, without the cost extra cost of sales people and retailers. 

If you want to increase your properties value buy upgrading your bathroom, avoid overcapitalizing and shop with Direct Bathroom Solutions. 

Why Choose Us?

What separates us from many other bathroom supply wholesalers is our knowledge and first-hand experience in renovations, unlike many other businesses which have never worked in the field or used the products they sell. 

We work with you, your budget, and your vision of the business or project so we can figure out what’s best for you. Plus, if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we can always source it for you!

Meet the owner

Through the years of hard work renovating with my father, I learned the ins and outs of renovations and found that a good bathroom is a key factor in boosting the value of a property, as well as the interest of buyers.

Having said this, it can also be one of the most expensive parts of the whole renovation process.

Because of this I set out to find a way to limit these costs of bathroom renovations, without using cheap products that would strip the project of its value. And this is how Direct Bathroom Solutions was born, where we sell quality bathroom vanities and other supplies designed to maximize profits for you.

Jarrod Farlow


Direct Bathroom Solutions

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